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The composition structure of brief spring impact hammer

Source: | Updated: Apr 22, 2016

Vibration Absorbers by lifting pulley (can also be configured according to user needs rings), beams, vertical axis, such as vibration absorbers-parts composition. Vibration absorbing upper part of the cage in the vibrator, with two vertical shafts on each side, each vertical axis up and down into the compression spring into a set of vertical axis fixed upper beam. Two sets of spring vibration reduction function, generated by large amplitude vibration speed to the absorber will be greatly weakened. Therefore, sink, pull out when good damping effect can be obtained.
Vibrator consists of motor, box, eccentric, drive shaft, a driven shaft, gear and other pieces. Powered by the electric motor through v-belts to the casing consists of a pair of cylindrical gears and driven shafts, eccentric shaft with 4 blocks.
3.electrical devices
General and in conjunction with electrical parts, if the user needs can also be individually configured.
When mating with pile, sinking bored concrete piles, concrete belled pile (garlic), lime pile and sand pile and gravel pile after pile gripper on the distribution, heavy pulling of precast concrete pile and steel piles. It is roads, bridges, airports, buildings and other infrastructure construction is the ideal equipment.

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